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The Cauldron Cill is a Brighidine Flamekeeping group, where members tend Brighid's flame in rotating shifts. Our purpose in Keeping Her flame is to bring Brighid's energies and blessings into our lives, as well as honor Her in our own ways.

The Cauldron Cill is open to all Cauldron members; while Brighid's flame has been traditionally kept only by women, many modern cills, including our own, have both male and female Keepers. Members can request a shift by posting their request in the Requests to Join the Cill thread, and any shift preferences or restrictions should be noted. Shift schedules are posted by Sunflower, and can also be viewed using Google Calendar; shifts begin at sunset of the listed date, and continue until sunset of the following day. If a Keeper is unable to keep on their scheduled shift, they should let the cill know at their earliest opportunity, so the shift can be covered. Also, if a Keeper would like to change their shift, or take a temporary or permanent leave of the cill, they should let Juni, Sunflower or Finn know via PM.

Recently, The Cauldron Cill has begun discussing group projects, such as healing requests and meditation themes; the cill has also done Group Keeping on several occasions. All group projects are entirely on an opt-in basis- no Keeper is required to participate in any such activity.

The Cauldron Cill has its own SIG board: a place for Keepers to share their experiences during shifts, collaborate on projects, and share poetry, artwork and prayers, amongst other things.

More information about Brighid, Her flame, and Flamekeeping Cills can be found at The Cauldron's Cauldron Cill information page.

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